Located in the Western District of Victoria, Dunkeld Pastoral Company farms cover a total of 8,800 ha over 16 parcels of land. We are broken up into 2 management areas; Corea South, Eulameet; and our Conservation arm. In 2016 we aim to produce approximately 370,000 kg of lamb and 230,000 kg of beef, of a consistently high quality. This consistently high quality has meant that our meat has recently been put on the menu at the 2 hatted restaurant, the Royal Mail Hotel.

Dunkeld Pastoral Company has found that conservation can play an economic role through enhancing biodiversity and providing ecosystem services in delivering favourable agricultural outcomes.

Our vision...

is to become a leading, innovative Australian agricultural business that sets the benchmark in sustainable production, animal welfare, environmental management and contribution to society.

Over the last 5 years we have aimed to influence a strategy to leave the land in better condition than it currently is for future generations to come.

Care and treatment of our livestock and all living things transcends purely economic consideration.  We treat all livestock and living things with care and respect, including the environments that they inhabit.

Beyond this, we are an active contributor to the local community in advancing the interests of all people.  As a significant employer, customer, supplier and landholder in the region, we have an interest in ensuring that quality of life is enjoyed by all people living in the community.